The Mayer Lab for Research in Learning and Instruction conducts research on how people learn (i.e., the science of learning) and how to help people learn (i.e., the science of instruction). We want to know how to help people learn so they can take what they have learned and apply it in new situations (i.e., we want to know how to promote learning for transfer). Our approach is to apply the science of learning to education.

These projects aim to understanding the role of virtual reality in learning science lessons.
These projects investigate the cognitive consequences of playing brain training games on learning.
These projects aim to understand how to design computer games for learning.
These projects focus on how engaging in generative learning activities affect student learning.
These projects examine how emotional tone affects learning outcomes.
These projects examine how to design video lectures.
These projects investigate how to integrate lecture and active learning to maximize student learning as well as examine how much lecture is needed in STEM courses to increase student knowledge and performance.